Simple Eight Ways In Which You Can Start 2019 With A Bang

No matter how shitty your 2018 has been, we ask you to calm down, take a deep breath, and flush the bad memories away. Okay, we agree it’s not child’s play to get over the ugly break up that you had or lose sight of the numerous interviews you were brutally grilled in, but you know what? You can just try.

And that’s because it’s 2019. They say ‘every day is a new beginning’ but wait, this is a whole NEW YEAR for God’s sake! And you my friend, deserve a fresh start. Do not you?

So now that you are ready to write a brand new chapter, we are here with a list of ways to do it appropriately.
1. Set up a little garden of your own
2. Get your room painted
3. Get a dog
4. Renew your gym membership
5. Go on a trip to the refreshing blue waters
6. Make a crazy 15-point bucket list
7. Refresh your friend circle
8. Get a totally different haircut

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