Manchester Weather LIVE Updates for India vs New Zealand World Cup 2019 Semifinal: Chances of Rain Interruption.

The moody, stubborn English weather crouched out of the cold and poured misery on fans once again at the World Cup, this time ruining the India vs New Zealand semi-final along the way.

At 2 pm local time, with 3.5 overs of the New Zealand innings left, it began to rain at Old Trafford and it continued for four hours, whereupon the umpires had no alternative but to bring the players back on Wednesday morning to complete the match. New Zealand was 211/5 after 46.1 overs.

To add to this, Indian fans have their hearts in the mouth since the danger of DLS-based defeat now dangles dangerously above them. With the mist and mizzle at Old Trafford throwing the game into a overhaul on Tuesday, the India vs New Zealand match will continue on the reserve day. But, if it continues to rain even on Wednesday then the DLS method will come into play. This would mean a heavy reduction of overs for team India — which means a major risk for India’s campaign.

Rains have played a frustrating spoil-sport till now and have left behind considerable pile of dead-end matches. But with the World Cup final just three matches away, and the knock-out nature of each one of them, there isn’t an exhibit for relief left anymore. Fans and cricket enthusiasts in India realize this all too much.

Bitterness, frustration, anger and frenzy has spilled over Twitter once again. Many are questioning the very idea of hosting the World Cup on the leaky English lands. But the rains may have halted the game but they can’t stop the memes.

Since we have no option but to wait and watch whether the rain gods bless us or not, let’s ease up on the tension by looking at some of the best results:

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