Hima Das To An Ode, The Girl From Rice Fields Of Assam Who Conquered Tracks Around The World

You’re standing in a foreign country. You have hundreds of people around you. You have just won a medal no one from the country has won before.

Hima’ video of singing the national anthem after winning India’s first ever gold at a global track event, was easily one of the most watched videos of 2018.

Her victory wasn’t as much about the medal as it was about the inspirational story of an 18-year-old rising above odds.

That is the beauty of sports, right? It is at once, poetic and competitive. Between the scores, points and other details, you learn love, patriotism and patience.

Talking about patience, Das grew up as the youngest of 6 siblings in a rice-farming family of Dhing, Assam.

Always inclined towards sports, she wanted to become a footballer.

But seeing her pace on the field, her coach asked her to focus on track sports, instead.


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