Divya Spandana slams Smriti’s sanitary pad remark, says “nothing that comes out of vagina is to be ashamed of”

In a strong critique, social media incharge and Congress leader Divya Spandana slammed Union Minister Smriti Irani for her comment on the Supreme Court verdict in the Sabarimala temple entry case.Smriti Irani, in a video gone viral, had said, “I have right to pray,but no right to desecrate. I’m nobody to speak on SC verdict as I am a serving cabinet minster. Would you take sanitary napkins seeped in menstrual blood into a friend’s home? No.Why take them into house of God?”

These “2 statements are factual” and “the rest of the propaganda and agenda being launched using her as bait is just that”, the Union minister said. As far as those who jumped the gun regarding her remark on women visiting a friend’s place with a blood-soaked sanitary napkin are concerned, she said she has yet to find a person who “takes” such a sanitary pad to “offer” to anyone, let alone a friend.

Irani added that what “fascinates” her-though she is not surprised-is that as a woman, she is “not free” to have her own point of view. “As long as I conform to the ‘liberal’ point of view I’m acceptable. How liberal is that?”Smriti Irani asked.

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