Bullies Laugh At Woman Trying To Lose Weight In Gym, Stranger Comes To The Rescue

Sweating out in the gym at the beginning of the beginning requires double efforts, thanks to the new year resolutions! Once the holiday season winds up, people hotfoot the gym with their aspirations of shredding the extra kilos and staying fit the entire year. This undesired crowd of people of in the gym often leave the regular gym freaks quite annoyed and they end up cribbing about the new-bees in the gym.

Recently, a Redditor shared one such incident of displeasure rather bully at the gym which went viral within no time.

The user shared his friend’s story where he ended up helping an over-weight woman at the gym. A few other members at the gym bullied her. The story has preached the much-needed lessons on kindness and humanity to the netizens.

‘I was at the gym this morning and a group of two women and a man were very obviously laughing at talking about another woman who was clearly new and nervous about being there. The woman they were making fun of knew it was happening and was almost in tears’, wrote the Redditor.

He continued to mention, ‘She explained that she had recently lost her parent to a weight-related heart attack, and the doctors said that she was headed down the same path if she was not careful. I asked her to finish working out with me and that I would help her learn what I know. In the end 3 members got permanently banned today, and I made a new friend.’


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