8 Fun Things To Do When You Visit Brunei In Borneo

Brunei is a small oil-loaded Sultanate of Borneo and is home to some of the best virgin rainforests and beaches for its visitors. However, this small Islamic spot has a lot more to do for tourists rather than visit the holy mosques.

* Visit Penanjong Beach to witness the beautiful sunset of Borneo.

* Experience Venice of the East in Brunei’s water village Kampong Ayer.

* Explore the virgin rainforests of Brunei.

* Visit the Royal Regalia Museum and know the rich culture of Borneo.

* Have a look at Proboscis monkeys, known for their unusual nose.

* Give your taste buds the blast of Brunei’s local flavors at Pasar Gadong.

* Take advantage of Brunei’s lower tax levels and shop for electronics at cheap rates.

* Experience the Iban lifestyle in a Longhouse.

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