7 tips to secure your whatsapp completely

Whtasapp is the most popular messaging service around the world. Whtasapp has billion users and increasing day by day since last few years. Now a days user instead of just sending the text message they are also sharing the private information like photos, videos, passwords and their schedule. So security is the main concern here. So in this article we are going to let you know about how you can secure your whatsapp.

  1. Manage WhatsApp Web Effectively

The web version of WhatsApp has not only made reading and replying to messages easier, but it also lets you access your messages even if your android isn’t in near sight. All you have to do is log in once using the QR code. Simple.

If you use the whatsapp web then you must log out from web version once you have used it. If you left it log in then anybody can read your messages even if your mobile is not in range with that computer.

Whatsapp web

2. Use Two-Factor Verification.

You must add two factor verification in your whatsapp because now a days SIM cloning is so easy and by this method anybody can set up your whatsapp on his phone.
So by adding two factor verification nobody can set up your whatsapp without knowing the secret 6-digit code. To make this setting open whatsapp go to settins->account-> Two step Verification.

2 step verification  2 step verification

3. Restrict Access to Your Profile Pic

In the default settings of whatsapp anybody can text you can can see your beautiful picture and it may goes to wrong hands. You can easily restrict your picture by enabling this setting. You can set whether only your contact can see you profile picture or anybody can see.

Whatsapp Profile Picture

4.Hide Photos from Gallery

this is the most prized features of WhatsApp in which all the media files that are sent get automatically saved in mobile gallery. The WhatsApp files can be easily hidden from the gallery thus letting you keep your buddy’s secret, well, a secret.

Hide whatsapp photo

5. Lock WhatsApp

Locking your whatsapp is also a tip to keep safe your whatsapp. If you keep sharing the private information on whatsapp then you must need to have a lock with PIN or pattern.

Pattern Lock

6. Deactivate Account on Lost/Stolen Phone
If you mobile is stolen or lost then along with the sim make sure that your whatsapp account is also deactivated.


7 .Watch Out for Scams

Although above setting are enough to secure your whatsapp However you must take care if any suspicious links has been shared with you.
While the above were settings which you can enable on your phone to secure your apps. However, care must be taken not to tap on any suspicious links. As the text is not being actively monitored on WhatsApp, it is fast turning into a den of suspicious links, misleading text and a magnet for phishing scandals.

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